"Our love for papers and everything handmade brought us here. Even our wedding invites were handmade with love. Hence it is with this love for papers that we're starting this label."
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Tiffany blue wedding invitation

Tiffany blue wedding invitation
Tiffany blue flower wedding cards
Tiffany blue floral wedding invitation

Size: 10 cm x 21 cm
Style: Single side colour, portrait

The colour tiffany blue have garnered so much popularity in weddings, thanks to the famous jeweller Tiffany & Co. Janelle, our bride from Singapore wanted to incorporate the colour into her wedding cards. We came up with a few designs and she chose something with a bit of traditional elements. The pink chinese 'Hei' which means double happiness and some pink flowers added some contrast to the card.

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anne said...
April 29, 2011

The blue wedding cards seems like a good idea. That would be great for a beach wedding.

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