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King and palaces farewell card

King and palaces farewell card
Handmade King and palaces card
King and palaces farewell card
Penang King and palaces farewell card
Blanka King and palaces farewell card
Cute King and palaces farewell card
Size: 15cm x 18cm
Style: Z-fold

This customized order we received was quite a big feat! Our client wanted a farewell card which contains some elements of the receipient and the senders. The theme was 'King and palaces'. The receipient of the card was of course the King, and his 'throne' occupies the front part of the card.

The end result was something that looked really grand. Even the crown comes complete with gold trimmings and faux diamonds. On each section of the Z-fold inside, there is a palace. Each palaces hold a different theme, which signifies some characteristics of the senders. To an outsider, they make not make much sense, but it certainly holds a different meaning to my client (or rather, clients) and the recipient of the card.

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