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Oriental knot wedding invitation

oriental knot wedding invitation
oriental wedding invitation

Size: 12.5cm x 17.5cm
Style: Gate fold, portrait

This handmade wedding invitation was inspired by chinese buttons found on cheongsam which brides sometime choose to wear as an evening gown for wedding dinners. Keeping with the tradition of chinese culture and wanting to be modern, couples can opt to have both elements incorporated into their wedding invitations. East meets West!!

A red pearlescent cardstock was chosen for this invite. The folds at the front were cut into semi circles for a peek-a-boo effect and was fasten with a beige chinese buttons. For the inside of the card, a white cardstock with prints of flowers was added as a backing layer and the invitation wordings are printed on a pearlescent champagne paper. Four faux diamands adorn the four corners, thus adding a touch of glitz to this handmade wedding invitation.

*The knots may vary depending on availability

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p said...
April 01, 2010

nice invite.
we'd love to feature it.

The Cupcake Chic said...
September 28, 2011

hi, wondering how much is this ? what is the minimum qty? and how mucht to courier to seremban? my email is Leni_suriyani@yahoo.com.au

PaperThrill said...
September 28, 2011

@cupcake chic: We've emailed you the details.

Anonymous said...
November 13, 2011

Could u advise on the price for this & the min. qty as well? & how much to courier to Singapore? My email address is rinde_211@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks!

PaperThrill said...
November 14, 2011

@rinde: We've emailed you the details. Thx!

Anonymous said...
February 22, 2012

hi, can i get a quotation from you for this wedding invitation card? my email add: renelyn82@hotmail.com. Thank you.

PaperThrill said...
February 22, 2012

@renelyn82: We've emailed you the details. Thx!

Anonymous said...
April 05, 2012

Hi, kindly email me the details for this card. Thanks
Email: tsdin1989@yahoo.com

PaperThrill said...
April 10, 2012

@tsdin: We've emailed you the details. Thx!

Meg Cheong said...
May 14, 2012

Hi can you email me the quotation for this? megcheong@gmail.com. Thanks

Anonymous said...
May 19, 2012

Hi, can you e mail a quotation for this?


christine said...
June 03, 2012

can you email me a quote for this?
where are u guys located at?



shukri jusoh said...
July 28, 2012

Hi can you email me the quotation for this? shukjusoh@gmail.com. Thanks

shukri jusoh said...
July 28, 2012

Hi can you email me the quotation for this? shukjusoh@gmail.com. Thanks

Anonymous said...
August 23, 2012

can you please email me the quote.


Anonymous said...
August 31, 2012

Hi, kindly send me a quote. Thanks.


Katie said...
September 22, 2012

Kindly Email me at Katie.akiko@gmail.com

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