"Our love for papers and everything handmade brought us here. Even our wedding invites were handmade with love. Hence it is with this love for papers that we're starting this label."
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Patchwork blanket birthday card

Patchwork blanket birthday card - Yellow
Patchwork blanket birthday card - Yellow closeup
Patchwork blanket birthday card - Green
Patchwork blanket birthday card - Green closeup
Patchwork blanket birthday card - Green and Yellow
BTH002 (Yellow)
BTH003 (Green)
Size: 15cm x 10.5cm
Style: Single fold, portrait

My mom loves sewing, and my sisters and I grew up using patchwork blankets she made for us. This handmade birthday card was inspired by those blankets made with love by my mom, and my mom's love for us.

The patchwork 'blanket' was recreated using small squares of pattern papers, and adding faux stitching effect around it. A torn-edged handmade recycled paper was added to give the 'blanket' some depth. A small collection of beads, buttons and sequins adds a little charm to the card. The final touch was a small safety pin pinned through a paper with the word 'Mom'. All in all, this card exudes warmth, comfort and love, perfect for any loved ones.

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