"Our love for papers and everything handmade brought us here. Even our wedding invites were handmade with love. Hence it is with this love for papers that we're starting this label."
Email: paperthrill@gmail.com
Tel: +6012-232 8455

How to order

For ready designed cards:
Email us the card ID you like and we’ll give you the details on payments and delivery.

If the card is in stock, you will be able to get your card within 2-4 days. Otherwise, we'll need several additional days to make the card, depending on the complexity of the card. There are times when the materials on a card might not be available at the time of ordering. During such cases, we'll replace the material with something similar, upon your approval of course!

To personalize from our collection:
Let us know which card you want to personalize from (using the card ID) and how you want to personalize it. For example, tell us the card colour, or change of wordings..etc. Lead time needed would be 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the card.

For bespoke (customized) cards:
Give us a quick email, and we’ll work together through a series of emailing/phone call/face to face conversations until we get it right. We'll try our very best to make your event extra special!

For bulk orders, please order several months in advance. We'll need time to draft and finalize your card design and the lead time needed for production would depend on the complexity and quantity of the cards.

You can email us at : PaperThrill@gmail.com

Important details to include in your email:
  • ~ Card ID (ie A001)
  • ~ Contact info (name and address)
  • ~ Quantity
  • ~ Personalized info (if applicable) ie colour of the card, card size, wordings, etc
  • ~ Event and theme (for bespoke cards)

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