"Our love for papers and everything handmade brought us here. Even our wedding invites were handmade with love. Hence it is with this love for papers that we're starting this label."
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It all started from here..my wedding card

my wedding invitation card and envelopes

my wedding invitation card - front and back
Size: 10.5cm x 14cm
Style: No fold, portrait

I believe wedding invitations usually reflect who the couple are, and give the guests the first glimpse of the special DAY! My hubby and I love simplicity, and our wedding card reflects just that. He absolutely loves red and white. I wanted something different compared to the usual red and white. We compromised and came up with - Black and white with a twist of red. I'm crazy about stripes and incorporated that into our card. And being an all-time handmade lover, my wedding invitation, of course, had to be handmade too!

I scrounged around for papers, and made use of some of the papers from my own collection. I discovered many new cardmaking techniques and a wide variety of papers along the way. I fell in love with it all and decided it's time to pursue this passion of mine. I seriously get a thrill just looking at beautiful papers, thus the name PaperThrill.

I love the flowers embossed at the back of the card. This was my first time trying out embossing and it was real fun! I didnt plan to have to many wordings on the card, and so I felt a no-fold card would suit us better.

Do come back often, as I'll be producing new handmade invitation and greeting cards all the time. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

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